An online/offline manga reader for GNOME.

GUI Utility to download from a lot of different websites, galleries, streaming services, and more.

C program made specifically to scrape Ex-Hentai Galleries.

GUI tool to scrape HentaiHaven.

A GTK image viewer, manga reader, and booru browser.

Do we really need that many local manga readers for linux?

Flatpak local manga reader.

Fork of MComix, a local manga reader.

Booru client that supports most boorus, and also lets you mass-download files.

Download from Pixiv.

Download anime from a ton of different sources.

HentaiHavenContentDownloader - View and Download content from HentaiHaven.

Download anime from XDCC sources.

This one is multiplatform.

Windows-only manga browser.

Reverse image search tool that supports multiple image search engines (SauceNao, IQDB, Yandex, etc.). Also features context menu integration, allowing you to search for an image by right-clicking on it.

Doujin & manga download manager with wide website support.


E(x)-Hentai viewer. Actively maintained fork of seven332's app.

Ad-free Doujinshi & H-Manga archiving and viewing app, supports ~20 websites. Fork of Hentoid with tracking removed (install via F-Droid).

Hitomi viewer for Android.

Flutter-based client for E(X)-Hentai and hitomi for Android and iOS.

Mobile manga reader for Android with support for local storage and various websites (including plenty of hentai ones).

libre, Booru client for Android, also supports viewing Hydrus Network.

Booru client for Android.

* Nori Booru client for android, with a better viewer than LoliSnatcher according to an anon (not maintained anymore).

  • (Note to any developers: A fully featured FOSS Android client for managing Hydrus Network would be outstanding. Things such as tag editing, remotely downloading, changing settings, etc.)


Closed source, proprietary, Booru client for Android and macOS.


Extensible, CLI video downloader that works on an extremely wide variety of websites.

CLI tool to download image galleries and collections from many different image hosting sites.

nHentai is a CLI tool for downloading doujinshi from

Web Server

Booru-like Web server for Grabber.

Backend and Frontend for pandachaika-for viewing, matching and downloading hentai-manga galleries in .zip format.

Open source self-hosted web archiving. Takes browser history/bookmarks/Pocket/Pinboard/etc., saves HTML, JS, PDFs, media, and more. ArchiveBox is a powerful self-hosted internet archiving solution written in Python. You feed it URLs of pages you want to archive, and it saves them to disk in a variety of formats depending on setup and content within.


For other utilities, refer to the Miscellaneous Utilities page.