This page is about the use of substances for the purpose of responsibly enhancing cooming. Hard drugs will not be discussed.

Authored by the Eternal Degenerate.


Poppers, or alkyl nitrites, are a benign type of volatile substances which causes vasodilation (dilation of blood vessels) when the fumes are inhaled. This also causes muscles to relax, causing blood pressure to drop for up to five minutes and giving a warm relaxed feeling. They're mostly used in the gay community to facilitate anal sex because of the relaxation effect but can also enhance traditional solo orgasms. Poppers have been studied and are considered almost harmless (1). On a scale of harm created by experts, alcohol and ecstasy are rated significantly more harmful than poppers. To boot, these chemicals are legal in most countries and easy to buy.

There is a misconception that poppers can cause HIV or AIDS because of the use in gay relationships but this is false.

1. Isopropyl nitrite is suspected to cause eye problems but enthusiasts avoid it and mainly use isoamyl nitrite


As described above, the main effect is dilation of the blood vessels creating a warm feeling and potentiating your horniness. Poppers are not psychologically active but using them during masturbation will ensure the only thing on your mind is how much you want to cum. With your muscles relaxed, contractions are stronger and longer making ejaculation better. The first time you will do a real life ahegao face. There's a reason people love this stuff.


For the majority of people, poppers pose very little risk if used responsibly.

  • Must not come in contact with skin or eyes
  • Must not be drank or swallowed in liquid form because it is toxic
  • Must not be used with any kind of boner drugs such as Viagra or Cialis (PDE5 inhibitors). Combined, these could cause a deadly drop in blood pressure
  • Due to the short lived effect (~30s-300s) that poppers have on blood pressure, the heart needs to work harder to get oxygen around the body, If you are unfit or have a heart condition poppers may not be safe for you to use
  • If you take medication, ensure that there is no contraindication with poppers first
  • Can cause the penis to go flaccid temporarily as blood moves towards the arteries, but depends how horny you are and how good your circulation is


A popular way to consume poppers is to dab a small amount (a few drops) on to a sock and inhale the fumes through the fabric. This hits strongly and ensures that you don't spill the chemical in the heat of the moment. For the first few times, try taking a small whiff from the bottle and sitting down to see how you feel. Don't take a big hit until you understand how it will effect you.

  • Only use isoamyl nitrite or isopentyl nitrite and these are considered the safest
  • Check the CAS number on the bottle if you aren't sure what's inside
  • You should take vitamin C if consuming regularly to help your blood recover more quickly and take up oxygen normally


Viagra and Cialis (sildenafil and tadalafil respectively) belong to a class of drugs called PDE5 inhibitors which help maintain an erection by constricting blood flow out of the penis. Therefore they do not serve as an aphrodisiac.

They can help make a long solo edging session more enjoyable but OTC pills are still quite expensive in most countries due to patents.


  • Rock hard erection (up to ~12 hours for Viagra, 2 days for Cialis)
  • Feeling of pressure/heaviness/stuffiness in head (mainly Viagra, Cialis doesn't really do this)


Check for contraindications if you take medication or ask a doctor.


In my experience Cialis is much better however per dose it's more expensive than Viagra.

It might be tempting to take a 'double dose' but there's really no point in doing this. You might feel harder but the duration of effects won't change. There is a variant of Cialis that can be taken daily if you have erectile dysfunction and want on demand hard-ons.

Grapefruit juice can increase the bioavailability of Viagra meaning it has a stronger effect with a smaller dose. One could carefully mix the two to make their pills go further.


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