This page is dedicated to indexing erotic games.


Miscellaneous Games

Mostly games from DLSite, some are fan translated, others are machine translated. List courtesy of /hgg2d/

A mega folder with a fuckton of Monster girl games from DLSite, animations, and tools to work with their different game engines. (A torrent would be appreciated).

Beat your meat to the beat! Courtesy of /h/

Open Source Games

The purpose of this list is to index erotic games with open source code releases. Regardless of quality or fetish preferences. All of these games have source code available, but some of them have restrictive licensing that makes it illegal to release your own fork. If they are completely free, libre, and open source (FLOSS) games, please add them to the Libre Games section below. If you are unsure if a game is FLOSS or just open source, just add them to this open source list.

Accidental Woman: A Twine-based game where you play as a guy who is accidentally turned into a woman. Or, you can just play as a normal woman. The public source code release can't be compiled because it's missing something called an "Eropiler" as well as a modified version of SugarCube, and potentially more tools. You could probably bypass some of this by extracting stuff from the public builds, but it's probably not worth it. That being said, it seems like they're pretty open to collaboration, and you could probably get access to the private repository if you just ask.

Public Repository

Corruptions of Champions: A text-based game by Fenoxo, made in Flash. Contains a lot of furfag content, but an active modding community exists to mitigate it.

Official GitHub Repository | The most popular mod | A mod developed by a group of anons | A save editor compatible with the base game and popular mods

Degrees of Lewdity: A Twine-based game where you play as an orphaned loli or shota in the UK.

Source code repository

Fall of Eden: A browser game similar to Fenoxo's games. Development is fairly sporadic.

Source code repository

Free Cities: A compiled-to-html text-based slave manager game. Playable on PC and smart phone via web browser. Active development and easily cheat using JS. The original game is long-dead, but pregmod is active, with a lot of QoL improvements and more mods.

Pregmod source code repository

Lilith's Throne: A Java-based game that's inspired by Fenoxo's games. Development is active, but slow.

Source code repository

Perverted Education: Another Twine-based feminization game. In this one, the player character is blackmailed by their teacher.

Source code repository

Queen of the Seas: A Twine-based feminization game where the player serves as a cabin "girl" for a bunch of pirates. Hasn't been updated in ages, but there's a mod that some dude made that's relatively active.

The original version of the game | A far more active fork

Tales of Androgyny: A Java-based game where you play as a femboy and all the enemies are girls with cocks. The publicly available source code release is more or less abandoned, probably because of Patreon.

Source code repository (Heavily outdated!)

Trap Quest: An Inform-based game about feminization, bimbofication, and a bunch of other fetishes that you can enable or disable. Only some of the source code is available because a lot of content is hidden behind a $20 per month pay wall. The portion that's available to the public doesn't even compile.

Partial source code release

Trials in Tainted Space: Another text-based game by Fenoxo that's made in Flash. Instead of a fantasy theme, this one has a science fiction theme. Doesn't have the modding community of CoC, probably due to license problems.

Official public GitHub Repo | Tool that makes it easier to compile TiTS

Libre Games

The purpose of this list is to index erotic games with libre licenses. Completely Free, Libre, and Open Source (FLOSS). Regardless of quality or fetish preferences.


Why Open Source?

There are a number of benefits to open sourced games, if you are a developer, it is encouraged you release the source code to your game. If not immediately, after you decide to stop developing it at least.

A Few Benefits Of Open Sourcing Games:

  • Open sourcing simply allows creating mods for games so much simpler, and easier.
  • Open sourcing can allow other users to understand how components of the game functions if needed.
  • Open sourcing can allow users to verify that the game runs no malicious code, and is privacy friendly. There have been many games that are not open sourced, and can be considered essentially malware. The GNU project has a page on a few of the many.
  • Open sourcing can allow anybody to easily support in fixing bugs, improvements, introducing new features, and much more.

Why Libre?

For more reading on Free software, please refer to or the GNU Project

A Few Benefits To Making Games FLOSS (Free, Libre, and Open Source):

  • Libre includes all the benefits of open source, plus more.
  • Libre allows anybody to fork the game, and use it as a base for their content to create new games.
  • If you license the game's code under a Copyleft license, any person who modifies it will be required to release their changes under the same or compatible terms, giving you the option to implement them in your game as well. (Though, some copyleft licenses are not meant to be used for software, and don't require the source code to be published. The CC-BY-SA licenses are an example of that.)
  • Libre makes it so if the developer stops working on the game, anybody can fork it without issue, and continue improving the project out of love for the original. This also can include porting to new platforms. Some older games designed for older systems, can be a pain to get running due the lack of a proper port and source release.
  • Libre allows anybody to fork the game, and remove any malicious, concerning, privacy/security-unfriendly code, and re-release a libre respective one.

Other resources/alternative genres indexes so-called "era" games, these are text erogames based on a game engine called Emuera, which itself is a rewrite of the eramaker engine, that's specialized in simulating stats for characters and sexual acts. Most games aren't actually 100% text based and can actually display characters pictures, in games based on popular franchises for example. Some can be more liberal and offer completely customizable character creation.