This page is dedicated to indexing pirated content.

DISCLAIMER: We do not host any pirated content, this is simply an index to external sources.


Public Torrent Trackers

Public torrent trackers, open to anybody.

Public tracker with JAVs, Hentai, and Games

Private Torrent Trackers

Private, invite only torrent trackers, or get in through other private torrent trackers. Sometimes some private trackers do random, open registrations for temporary periods of time. Generally requires activity, seeding, and maintaining a good ratio. Comes with the returned benefit of more people seeding files, higher quality releases, and more-in comparison to public trackers.

See Install Gentoo Wiki - Private Trackers for an in-depth guide to private trackers.

A private torrent tracker specializing in JAV and Hentai. Easy to maintain a ratio.

A popular private torrent tracker specializing in many types of Pornography. Easy to maintain a ratio.

A popular private torrent tracker specializing in Anime and Hentai. Easy to maintain a ratio.


Patreon (and others) scrapper, replacing the dead

OnlyFans (and others) scraper, replacing the dead, managed by the admin.

Curated backup/archive for of E(x)-Hentai files. Tagged galleries from several sources that have been/could be removed from their original source. Only English and RAW (Japanese). Mainly magazines, doujinshi, anthologies, CG sets. Not for cosplay, JAV, or other stuff. Backend:


f95zone Forum for porn games, mods, translations, shilling your own games, and more.

4ch/cumg /cumg/ - Latest /cumg/ Thread

8kun/hgg /hgg/ - Hentai Games General

8kun/htg /htg/ - Harlot Trainer General