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Message directed towards wiki hoster:

Wiki Suggestions[edit]


FYI, I wasn't auto banned when including in a post on /g/.


  • Please consider adding a nice icon in the top left for the wiki

- Reply from owner: send suggestions at coomer at

  • Default dark gray background on pages
  • Add cute transparent lewd character overlay on one of the sides of the background. (Preferably a new one on each page.)

(Not full background images, but similar to how the old site was. Solid dark gray background, character off to the right.) Example, kinda like this: - Reply from owner: Would need a custom CSS to make some empty space on the right, I don't have time to work on that.


  • Also if possible, it would be nice to hide editors IP from being public if they edit without an account. (If you don't create an account, and try to make an edit, it suggests creating an account or else the IP that edited the page is public). I see no reason why this is needed, despite it being zero effort to make a throwaway account, for anonymity sake, I think it's appropriate to hide the IP from being public.

- Reply from owner: Done

  • Add the links from the main page onto the left sidebar. (A resources section, and index section).

- Reply from owner: I don't know how to do that

- Reply from owner: I don't know how to configure that

  • Fill in the following pages:

- Reply from owner: Someone did those

  • If photo uploads could be allowed that'd be nice.

- Reply from owner: Done

Codeblocks & HTTP to HTTPS[edit]

I can't seem to get code-blocks to work even after reading the docs, for now I've been using quote boxes, if you have any idea about this please let me know. I will go in and replace all the quote boxes. - Reply from owner: I think code blocks don't work because I haven't configured the syntax highlighting plugin. quote blocks are fine if they fit whatever purpose you had

One other thing is that the NGINX setting to auto redirect HTTP to HTTPS is broken for the website. When visiting this website over HTTP, it just errors. - Reply from owner: This was actually configured on purpose so the old version would still be accessible. Eventually I got busy and the server had to reboot and I forgot to either restart the http process leading to the error.