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Check out the best battery available[edit]

Every battery brand claims to be the best among all the others. They all advertise their product as being the best long-lasting one available. However, it's not that easy to determine which among the many brands will give you the best performance when it comes to your car's battery. To find out which among the wide variety of battery brands can actually last the longest, you might want to learn a bit more about each of the battery types which are available. You can also visit to check the best battery brands available in the market. The most popular battery brands among car owners are the OEM brands. These are the brands that were used in the original vehicle, along with the installation kit to install the same. If you own an OEM brand car, the chances are you have had a chance to use one or more of these brands, and most likely, you've had a few issues with them over the years. As such, most auto spare parts stores offer OEM replacement batteries with the purchase of their aftermarket accessories. While most of these OEM brands do provide excellent performance, there are some brands that may have better compatibility and longevity with the aftermarket accessories that you may be using. So before shopping for the right replacement batteries, consider your options among the other popular battery brands. One of the most popular battery brands around the world is Panasonic. Panasonic batteries have been a part of almost every car since their inception. These days, they have branched out into electronic and mobile appliances. Another one of the popular battery brands is Duracell. Duracell batteries, as the name implies, are manufactured by Duracell, a company that is one of the largest producers of consumer products in the world. Duracell batteries are designed in such a way that they can be used safely in all sorts of conditions. Third, on the list of popular battery brands is Sony. Sony cell batteries often used to be sold as cell watches. These days, most people are familiar with wristwatches, and they prefer to use them instead of cell phones. Since wristwatches do not have any serious side effects, people prefer to use them instead. The fourth and final on the list of popular battery brands are Panasonic. Panasonic is another brand that can easily be found in any shopping mall. They are well known for making different types of car batteries, but there are only a few different types of Panasonic batteries.