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ELECTRIC KICKBOARD – What is this and why you need it?[edit]

Electric kickboard, as the name itself, suggests that it is kind of a kickboard-like game that works on an electric machine. In normal kickboards, you need to kick in regular intervals, but in electric kickboards, you just need to kick once at the start of the machine then the motor takes care of the rest. You just need to stand on the board, and the control is in your hands. EVX store took time to shape over the years from the idea of establishing to getting into a reality. The founders of this company are very enthusiastic as some are nature walkers and athletes and also cycling. One of the founders was interested in road cycling. The other one has been a hardened mountain biker from a young age. They came together for the kickboards business, as they started selling electric kickboards. Kickboards give benefits and happiness to anyone that uses the product. Our electric kickboards are mostly used by the people that live in the city center. Now we are also getting orders from smaller cities. This can only be driven on a proper road that is flat ground so that it will move forward correctly. Our product is mostly used by younger people, but few senior members have also loved the electric kickboard. I am not saying that it can replace four-wheelers but to go grocery shopping and all meaning that it is great for short distances and comes in handy. We have different types of electric kickboards in ours. We have various colors as well for your choices as the collection is widespread, making it difficult situation for you to select our amazing products. Other than the color, we also have kickboards of different waltzes. For example we have Sähköpotkulauta of 800w and also pf 1000 waltz. There is a wide range from 80w to 2000w. The cost differs accordingly. You can also compare the cost according to your affordability and get one for your comfort. To check our wide range of collections, visit our store's website Globalization is a problem that we are and will face in the future due to pollution. As these are worsening our environment, we can't avoid moving from one place to another. For a sustainable mobility solution, stores like EVX are focusing on electric scooters and kickboards which will be a great change to our existential crises.