This page is dedicated to various tools, and websites that help make managing your lewd collections an easier process.

For information about clients, see the clients wiki page.

Management Tools

Exhaustive program if you're managing a large collection and need something more than folders to organize and maintain. Includes automatic tag fetching, tag management, scrapers, downloaders, duplicates processing, watchers, IPFS sharing, and much more. Checkout the Tricks area on the wiki, which contains tips and tricks for using Hydrus.

An application to organize local media files similarly to an image booru (LocalBooru).

An application to organize local media files similarly to an image booru.

File tagging tool with a neat virtual FS.

"Host your own pornhub" - Self-hosted FOSS Porn Organizer. Supports images and videos, autotags performers and studios, advanced searching through your collection, and perceptual-hash deduplication.

FOSS Porn organizer, with a few features to enhance your viewing experience.

Open source server for archival of comics/manga, running on Mojolicious + Redis.

FOSS, self-hosted, media streaming platform (Like Plex, but FOSS).

FOSS plugin for Jellyfin for fetching porn metadata from a wide variety of websites.

FOSS plugin for Jellyfin for fetching anime and hentai metadata from a variety of databases.

A system in server, desktop, and mobile app form that allows for automated tagging of anime and anime-style images using DeepDanbooru. Like Hydrus, but with a much nicer and simpler UI, better/more versatile tagging, and much better server functionality.

Want to have your media automatically tagged as you click save it from somewhere? This Firefox/Chrome addon will do the naming for you!

Simple but quite powerful picture tagging tool


List Management and Databases

Databases for various content, as well as list management for keeping track of what you want to download, are watching, want to watch, watched, and more.

PSA to any developers: It would be very nice to see self-hostable, federated/decentralized/distributed databases with list tracking (like below), that also provides an API that can be used by other software you self-host (for example Jellyfin metadata). This would provide a more privacy friendly, libre, alternative then needing to use centralized options for metadata and list tracking. We are currently reliant on centralized metadata sources, usually containing ads or privacy dis-respective features, data-selling, and paywalls.

A powerful, centralized hentai (and anime) tracking list, and database. (Non-profit, ad-free, "privacy friendly", alternative to sites like MyAnimeList). Including a public API, and a wide variety of management clients. Despite AniDB claiming privacy friendly, just keep in mind AniDB is centralized, not decentralized, federated, or self-hostable.

A centralized, comprehensive visual novel database, and list tracking website. Includes erotic visual novels.

A centralized database for JAV titles. Has list tracking support, although extremely poor. The website has tons of third party dependencies, spam and malicious links on bottom of pages, and overall is poor. But the database itself is fairly complete and is the most used due to nothing better existing.

Home Servers


For newcomers, it can be beneficial and very /comfy/ to have a centralized server for file storage and running software. These external guides can help provide guidance to keeping your data safe and secure, optimize resource management, and stay organized.

InstallGentoo Wiki's Home Server Guide from /hsg/.

InstallGentoo Wiki's Security Guide.

File Organization

File organization is very important, as it not only makes it easier to browse and find your media, but it also makes it easier for metadata scraping tools to provide accurate information. This is your base, you then can use the management utilities indexed above, to fetch metadata, edit and make tweaks.

It is best to do this everytime you download something, instead of taking hours to re-do your entire library. Of course this would imply you don't already have a large library of messy files, in which case you will have to sit down and manually do everything. However as you download new stuff, simply take the extra few minutes and just name everything properly instead of letting it build up.

File Naming and Folder Structure

For detailed file naming and structuring information, refer to Jellyfin's media documentation.

Japanese Adult Video (JAV)

JAV files should ideally be categorized within a root directory, then inside a sub-folder with the relevant idol. The sub-folders allow for organization of metadata and images. Adding the year at the end in parentheses will yield the best results when scraping metadata.

JAV/Idol/[JAVID].mkv JAV/Idol/[JAVID]/[JAVID]-cd1.avi, [JAVID]-cd2.avi

Multiple Versions of a Film

Multiple versions of a JAV film can be stored together and presented as a single title. Place each movie version in the same folder and give each version a name with the folder name as a prefix as seen below. JAV/Idol/[JAVID]/[JAVID] - 1080p.mkv, [JAVID] - 720p.mkv

To distinguish between versions, each filename should have a space, hyphen, space, and then a label. Labels are not predetermined and can be made up by the user. Notes: * The reason for using [JAVID] instead of [JAVID] - Name Of Film, is due to the fact that a large amount of JAV films that use extremely long titles. You can add the titles after if you wish, as previously shown, however you may run into file system issues, limitations, or it may just get messy. Just ensure the JAV code is there, as that is what most metadata scrapers look for.

  • Placing the films within the subfolders of the relevant idol provides an extra layer of organization, however some films that have more than one idol can get messy. Lets say you have a film with two idols, now you have to decide which idol folder to place it in. The better option is to simply place it in a generalized folder such as Various Idols/ or Multiple Idols/, and if you still want it in the dedicated idol folders, symlink them out from the generalized folder, into those idol folders.
  • If you wish to add extra information to file names, such as x264/h264, Remux, Web-Rip, Release Group, it is best to place them after a new hyphen. For example: JAV/Idol/[JAVID] - Remux Blu-ray FLAC [Release Group].mkv


Amateur Porn

Amateur porn naming is not really standardized, however I suggest using a structure similar to such: Porn/Pornstar/[Website] Title Provided By Uploader.mkv. Where [Website] is, this should be the website that it was uploaded to. Using Pornhub as an example, [Pornhub] Title Provided By Uploader.mkv.

However, it is ideal to also place the view code of the website if they provide it, at the end of the file. For example on Pornhub, all video URLs have a code at the end that leads you directly to the video. This makes it easier to re-find downloaded files without relying on names, as well as gives you a place to grab metadata from without relying on general or weird titles.

As with other media, extra information should go after the title, before the view-code, separated by hyphens.

The ideal structure is as follows: Porn/Pornstar/[Website] Title Provided By Uploader - Web 1080p - ph0000000000000.mkv. You could optionally place brackets around the view code [ph0000000000000].

As with JAV, if there are multiple pornstars, it is better to place them in a Various/ folder, then if desired symlink them to the Pornstar folders.

Professional Porn

This is essentially the same structure as amateur porn, however the [Website] tag should ideally hold the studio/channel who released the Porn. The view-code is not needed at the end. If the studio uses some kind of identification system (similar to JAV codes), you can place that at the end if you wish.

Using Playboy as an example: Porn/Pornstar/[Playboy] Title of Film - Web 1080p - [Studio ID If Relevant].mkv.

For multiple versions of a film, the same rules apply as JAV.


It is best practice to name Hentai as referenced on [AniDB AniDB]. This is generally similar naming and structure as TV Series and Anime.

Hentai files should ideally be categorized within a root directory, then inside a sub-folder with the title and year if relevant (very few need year). The sub-folders allow for organization of metadata and images. Adding the year at the end in parentheses will yield the best results when scraping metadata. The files should be placed inside of a season sub-folder folder relevant to that season (Hentai Name/Season 01/). For season and episode numbering, it is best to use a structure such as S01E01, S02E01. The title of episodes is not required, but if you wish, that should come after the season/episode numbering, but before the additional file information.

Hentai/Hentai Name/Season 01/Hentai Name - S01E01 - Name of Episode - Remux Blu-ray FLAC [Release Group].mkv Hentai/Hentai Name/Season 02/Hentai Name - S02E01 - Name of Episode - Remux Blu-ray FLAC [Release Group].mkv

Specials should go in a season sub-folder labeled Season 00 or Specials, and have S00EXX as the episode numbering. Hentai/Hentai Name/Season 00/Hentai Name - S00E01 - Name of Episode - Remux Blu-ray FLAC [Release Group].mkv

For multiple versions of a film, the same rules apply as JAV.


This should be the same as with music. This can be for erotic audio, or any other types of audio. It is best practice to place the files in a two layer deep directory, as with all other file types. For example: Erotic Audio/Artist/Release Name/01 - Audio Name.flac


This should be the same as with books. It is best practice to place the files in a two layer deep directory, as with all other file types. For example: Books/Author/Book Name/Book1.epub, Book2.epub

Dōjinshi (hentai and non hentai)

Organising your hentai (dōjinshi, CG, manga) collection is a bit of a hassle. Most of the time, a circle has one artist however sometimes a circle has more than one artist. Moreover an artist can make a dōjinshi through its circle name, and make a manga through its artist name.

You will need to make two choices that will define the whole organisation.

Choosing an organisation

1. Choosing how you organise the genre

  • Organise by genre
    • CG
      • /Artist/Title
      • /Game/Title
    • Dōjinshi/Artist or Circle/Title see 2., non-H self-published goes here
    • Manga/Artist/Title non-H published goes here
  • Organise by artist
    • Artist/
      • CG/Title
      • Manga/Title
      • Dōjinshi/[Artist or Circle]/Title To simplify the naming "dōjinshi" will cover dōjinshi and manga. You can of course name it Dōjinshi and Manga.

The first option makes a clear separation between each genre, but you can't have an unique view of artist/circle works. It also make it easier to separate artist from its circle when he goes (semi)pro with manga.

The second option centralise all the works of an artist/circle whether it's amateur or (semi)professional.

2. Choosing how you subdivide the dōjinshi

  • By artist: Artist (circle name)/Title
    • Example: Mitarashi Kōsei (Mitarashi Club)/(C76) [Mitarashi Club (Mitarashi Kousei)]...
  • By circle: Circle (artist name)/Title
    • Example: Mitarashi Club (Mitarashi Kōsei)/(C76) [Mitarashi Club (Mitarashi Kousei)]...

Note 1 for the circle name: you can also make folders for each artist Circle/Title. If not you make folders for each artist having something published. If a work is made by 2 artists regularly a folder being "Artist α - Artist β", if there is more you can just make a "Various" folder.

Note 2 : some circle will not have the "(artist name)" part in the folder name when there is too much artist you define it yourself but more than 3 is "too much". The best example is AXZ which is famous for having different artists: Ryuuta and Kutani are the main artists, but you also have Warabino Matsuri and they often have "guest stars" like Sasamori Tomoe, YA-BUNSHI, etc. This is not a good idea to create the folder named AXZ (Ryuuta, Kutani, Warabino Matsuri, ...). AXZ will be more than enough.

I strongly recommend you don't divide the circle by artist, you will lose the chronological release by convention (Comiket, Comitia, etc.).

Organising by circle will keep all the works in the same folder, and you will have the chronological release. However if an artist decide to make work outside the circle, you will have a new circle with that artist (alone). The artist option centralise all the works of the artists, so it's easier and less messy to find all of an artist works.

I recommand going for the circle option. Having all the works of the circle in the same folders is more important than having all works of an artist in the same folder. Indeed, you can always search in your OS the artist name and all the works will appear. Remember: most of the circle consist of one artist. This will be easier that way.

  • Circle with multiple artists, organised by artist.
    • Kutani/
      • /(C74) [AXZ (Kutani)]...
    • Ryuuta/
      • /(C74) [AXZ (Ryuuta)]...
  • Circle with multiple artists, organised by circle. This example shows an alternative with folders for each artist, it's not necessary and not recommended.
    • AXZ/
      • /Kutani
        • /(C75) [AXZ (Kutani)]...
      • /Ryuuta
        • /(C74) [AXZ (Ryuuta)]...
      • /Various
        • /(C73) [AXZ (Various)]...
Naming Style of

The's naming style is one of the most popular, the table below explain each parts of the title. The basic styles are as follows:





(Convention Name) [Circle Names (Artist Names)] Title (Parody Names) [Language] [Translators] [Special Indicators]

R = (Reitaisai 7) [Mushashi-dou (Musashino Sekai)] Mushroom Samba (Touhou Project) [English] [N04h]

J = (例大祭7) [武蔵堂 (ムサシノセカイ)] マッシュルーム・サンバ (東方Project) [英訳]

Manga Magazine

Title YYYY-MM Vol. # [Language] [Translators] [Special Indicators]

R = COMIC XO 2009-07 Vol. 38

J = COMIC XO 2009年7月号 Vol.38

Stand-alone Anthology

[Anthology] Title (Parody Names) [Language] [Translators] [Special Indicators]

R = [Anthology] Ero Shota 02 - Milk Boys

J = [アンソロジー] えろ☆しょた 02 みるくボーイズ

Manga Tankōbon

[Artist Names] Title [Language] [Translators] [Special Indicators]

R = [Fuuga] Setsunai Omoi [Decensored]

J = [楓牙] せつない想い [無修正]

Single Chapter Manga Story

[Artist Names] Title (Magazine or Tankoubon source) [Language] [Translators] [Special Indicators]

R = [Kurokoshi You] Ryousai Kenimouto | น้องสาวที่คลั่งพี่ชาย (COMIC Megastore 2010-02) [Thai ภาษาไทย] [HypNos]

J = [黒越陽] 良妻兼妹 (コミックメガストア 2010年2月号) [タイ翻訳]

Multi-chapter Manga Story

[Artist Names] Title Ch. #-# [Language] [Translators] [Special Indicators]

R = [Ooshima Ryou] Torikae Appli Ch. 1-7 [Korean] [Team EDGE]

J = [大嶋亮] とりかえアプリ 第1-7話 [韓国翻訳]


[Artist Names] Title (Parody Names) [Language] [Translators] [Special Indicators]

R = [Freako, Rainbow-Flyer] Come On, Cum-Busken! (Pokemon) [Ongoing]

J = (blank)


Rewritten Title [Language] [Rewrite] [Rewriters]

R = Paзвpaтнaя Cecтpa [Russian] [Rewrite] [009]

J = (blank)